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Masters in Art in Teaching - Unique Programs

Marketing Yourself with a Masters in Teaching
There are many colleges offering a Masters in Art in Teaching. Most are the same type of curriculum and requirements that you experienced when acquiring your bachelors degree. But, because this is a new degree program, there are also some unique places that offer the degree.

If you have a degree in science or in teaching science, the most exciting place to get your MAT is at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The museum has collaborated with the New York Department of Education and developed a 15-month degree program for science teachers. The classes are held at the museum and students have access to all the departments. The MAT will be a specialty degree in Earth Sciences. The New York State Education Department and National Science Foundation are funding the program. This is a test program designed for 7 - 12 graders.

Several California universities, offering both online and campus classes are presenting the course work in one month per class segment. This is an accelerated study program, which can be taken online. The school has campuses throughout California and one in Nevada for those interested in a brick and mortar environment.

There is a college in a major metropolis is taking a new approach to internship programs. Rather than have their students placed in one random classroom setting, Columbia has a pre-clinical field internship, which places students in 14 different classroom settings across the entire city. This unusual method allows a graduate to experience diverse hands-on experiences that can be of tremendous assistance when taking over their first classroom.

One major university is offering the Masters in Art in Teaching as a 10-month degree. Classes can be taken at the main campus or in several off-site locations. There are grants and loans available through the financial aid office for students who are accepted to the program.

A noted college in Georgia is offering the MAT in mathematics only. There are interactive programs and technology is a main resource of emphasis. All students are required to do an action research project

An East Coast school is specializing in special education Masters in Art in Teaching degrees. This school provides classes in the Montessori and Kodaly styles of teaching, as well. They provide interested parties with tips on finding funding but do not provide financial aid through the school offices.

For those who need to take classes online, there is a California school that is offering live-streamed classes and an interactive portal for class questions to the professor and discussions for group projects.

As you can see, there are many variations in the academic process of gaining your degree in teaching. The resources that best suit your needs can be located with a bit of intense research. Many brick and mortar colleges are offering a combination of online and campus class experiences. There is nothing unacceptable today with an online course of study and degree. However, it is necessary to ensure that you will be able to student teach in a classroom before you begin your online classes.