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MAT vs MEd

Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

MAT degree holders are ideal for both current teachers and those who have a undergrad degree that would like to get into teaching by getting a Masters of Arts in Teaching. A masters degree in teaching can help current teachers looking to improve their teaching abilities in more specific fields such as sciences, math, and special education. While the salary increase will vary depending on state and school district, a masters degree generally will equate to anywhere from 4%-10% increase in salary. Keep in mind a lot of states and school districts are having budget issues with the recent slowdown in the economy, so current teacher salary may be frozen. This may be an ideal time to pursue a MAT degree as the economy is starting to pick up and salary freezes may be removed within the next few years if conditions continue to improve.

Master of Education (MEd)

Master of Education degrees are recommended for those who are current teachers who would like to further their career by learning additional teaching skills or learn the necessary skills to potentially move into a more administrative role in the field of education. Educational technology, special education and instructional design are examples of paths that one can take while pursuing a master of education. There are also specialization that focus on more administrative roles as well as research roles as well.