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Using Your Masters in Art in Teaching to Broaden Career Horizons
A MAT degree that allows you to become a teacher without an education degree has enticed many into the field of teaching who had not considered it previously. Teaching in a typical classroom setting may not be for everyone. For that matter, teaching is not for everyone. Using your degree to broaden your own horizons in and out of the classroom may be the best career choice for you. Online MAT Programs now allow you the flexibility to obtain a master degree in education while being employed during the day. Here are some career paths of a few people who graduated with their Master in Art in Teaching.

Some who have acquired their Masters in Art In Teaching degrees found out during their internships that while being with the children and watching them learn was rewarding, being stuck all day in a classroom was not. The question then to be answered was how to use their degree to make a living.

One teacher went on to land a job with a non-profit organization that offered natural science exploration tours. Now, this professional uses the degree to teach the same students in an outdoor setting. By introducing them to plants and animals in the earth sciences and environmental sciences while on field trips, this teacher is uniquely qualified for instructing the visitors.

Another degreed teacher is using his skills learned in the classroom to find a job with a non-profit that specializes in ecology and outdoor living. This teacher is now guiding young elementary school children and teaching them not only ecology but also how to work as a team and group dynamics. Just knowing how to design a lesson plan was the ideal skill set needed for the position. This teacher in outdoor life designs all the lessons for the outdoor classes.

A woman who got her Masters in Art in Teaching was unable to find a job in the city after several schools downsized. Her organizational skills and interest in science landed her a position on a children’s magazine as a science editor. Now, she plans the publications yearly articles. Because she had the student teaching experience, she is able to address the curiosity of elementary aged classes.

The most unusual use of a Masters in Art in Teaching degree goes to a young man who did not like the classroom teaching experience. He discovered that being with children all day is much more difficult than he had guessed. He initially volunteered at a local museum taking visitors on tours. It was a small town type museum and the tours were only twice a week. After discussing the situation with his wife, they pooled their money and managed to borrow a bit more from their parents to open a one-of-a-kind Math experience museum. Children from grade 4 - 12 come to classes at the "museum" and learn advanced math skills through the use of old-fashioned mechanical instruments and through musical scoring.

A Masters in Art in Teaching is a degree that provides unlimited skill sets that are easily transferable into other areas and new careers. Sometimes, it is necessary to invent your own job. Knowing your limitations allows you to accept your broader capabilities and broaden your own horizons.