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Top Ways to Motivate ESL Students

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. -- Arthur C. Clarke

Vacation and Trips

Parents can encourage their kids by providing an incentive such as a trip or vacation to somewhere they want to go. Of course a vacation is a long term goal but for shorter term goals, consider a trip to the movies, or a trip to a local arcade or wherever your kids may enjoy.

Track Progress

Try to track the students progress in an easy way, whether it's using stickers or stars to show how far they have come and how they are on their way to their goal.

Reward With Classroom Jobs

Most students would love to have classroom jobs. Having a classroom job allows them to do classroom jobs where not all of their classmates are able to do. Certain students will like certain jobs better. Some jobs may include a greeter (greets any visitor to the classroom), transition monitor (in charge of transition music) and pet monitor.

Family Show

Kids love to perform and show off what they learn. This also provides a way for parents to provide positive encouragement and feedback. Put together a simple show or presentation where your kids are able to use what they have learn. A show can be a simple presentation about their favorite topic, or even a play.