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A lot of post graduate schools offer some sort of education credential for students looking to get into teaching. However, not all schools offer a Master of Arts in Teaching, more commonly referred to as MAT within the education field.

Master in Art in Teaching Career Options

A MAT degree that allows you to become a teacher without an education degree has enticed many into the field of teaching who had not considered it previously.

Finding a Job with a MAT Degree

When you are nearing the completion of your Masters in Art in Teaching (MAT), you should be considering how to market yourself to land a job. While you may think that this is an unnecessary function for landing a job in the teaching field, you will discover soon after your internship is completed that you were mistaken. Some geographic areas have less teaching positions available such as in Southern California.

Top Ways to Motivate ESL Students

Motivating ESL students is very key in the learning process to ensure students stay on track to archive proficiency with the English.

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